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            For 30 days commit to make some lifestyle changes! There will be a before and after picture required to enter as well as a $20 entry fee. The day of the challenge I will text/email you a code that be written in a paper and you will need to hold it next to you with the least clothes possible. (example: ladies-shorts and sport bra ( this will show better results mid section instead of going with a loose shirt (not required but recommended), and men- shorts and no shirt).


            How are the winners going to be chosen? The before and after pics will be posted online at www.nutritionlivingfit.com with your permissions. We will invite people to come and vote for their favorite transformation. The name can and will be anonymous and face does not have to be shown and can be cut off.


The challenge will include a Herbalife 6 portion trial to help initiate a nutrition plan. There will also be a guide to a meal plan and each person will get their own personal caloric daily need to see the results they are looking for. Advance coaching will be available.


If you want to join you can send payment via paypal or in person/phone! The sooner you sign up the sooner you will get the material to be ready and start the challenge!



  • Herbalife 3 day trial ( can also be used for 6 days as breakfast)
  • A wellness evaluation via email/ in person( in person we will measure weight, body fat %, muscle %, BMR, Biological age, & Visceral fat)                                   
  • Meal guide/ caloric daily requirement guide
  • Weekly nutrition class
  • Shake party at the end of challenge to give out prices!


Lets win!

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